Our Services

E-mail marketing targeting your potential customers and customers

1.Up to 100 E-mails=20,000 yen(Translation fee included.)
2.Up to 400 E-mails=40,000 yen(Translation fee included.)

What we need:
  • Please send the following info by E-mail
  • The company names and person`s name together with E-mail addresses
  • E-mail text in German or English Or please fax the copy of name cards of targeted people to+ 81-3-6459-8534

Making appointments: we can call your targeted people and make business appointments.

What we need: please send following info by E-mail

The company names and people`s names together with Tel and Fax numbers and E-mail addresses

Or please fax us the copy of your targeted people to +81-3-6459-8534

1. Max as 5 Appointments=30,000 yen
2. Max as 10 Appointments = 50,000yen

E-Mail Marketing to unknown companies:
We can use the Japanese E-mail address Search Engine. Persist given upon your inquiry
Upon above of E-mail Marketing the confirmation is given by BCC E-mails to you.

E-mail: a-nishizawa@mvb.biglobe.ne.jp
When your potentioal customer/s or your customer/s send you E-mail in Japanese
We are pleased to translate them for you